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Shufflerbox produces a completely randomized deck of cards quickly and efficiently. Protect your cards and carry in your pocket. Take in mind these key concept that can change the world of cards.


Thanks to its design, Shufflerbox allows you to make up to 14 simultaneous cuts with each swing, which makes the shuffle not only random, but also fast. Its curved shape reduces the friction between the deck and the shuffler, and also between the cards themselves, which allows them to move swiftly and freely.


It's easy to use and doesn't require any effort from your side!


Shufflerbox is small enough to fit in your pocket. Its size has been optimized so much that it’s barely larger than a deck of cards when it’s closed.

Protect our clothes from unwanted glare and burns extended its lifetime and quality

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No Energy needed

Shufflerbox does not require any maintenance. It does not consume energy. There is nothing like it on the market.

It's easy to use and doesn't require any effort from your side!

Take care of your deck

The benefit becomes evident when we compare a deck of cards repeatedly shuffled by hand to a deck that has only been shuffled with Shufflerbox.

Because it barely comes in contact with them, Shufflerbox keeps your cards clean, with no creases or signs of wear.

Employ better the time you currently dedicate for ironing clothes. Enjoy your free time!

Always Random

Without fail, Shufflerbox shuffles cards in an unpredictable, random fashion. Because it is not automatic, the results depend on various factors: the position of your hand, the tilt of your wrist, the force you apply, the weight of the carts, the waving pattern you use, etc.


ShufflerBox is all you need to shuffler in the best way!

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